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Irina Noramies


Art Education

Art education is as important to child's intellectual development as physical activity and healthy food are to child's body. Without spiritual spark no one feels well.


Nora Immonen 4v
Princess, 2007, mixed media, 39x30 cm

Max Immonen 4v
A Boat 2006, mixed media, 19x28 cm

At Job - board game.

At Job - board game. 2005, Paul Koljonen 17 years and Petri Pekkarinen 15 years.

At Job - board game was developed when a twelve year old boy recovering from sickness felt bored. The situation initiated a creative process which lead to the production of this game.

The game interested one executive director of the game producing company in Helsinki and he took a helicopter flight to see the boy. It was certainly a powerful experience for a young boy. The game was developed further when the best friend of this boy from childhood plays took part to designing it. There was no limit to the joy of the two boys!

The game introduces young player to many different occupations and to entrepreneurship. Game also shows the value of different educations and work itself.


A Moment for Art

Making art projects brings happiness and joy. It gives child experiences of succeeding and child also learns different techniques. The aim is to give the space for each child respecting her/his abilities. Making art projects opens a channel to visualize thoughts and feelings.