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Irina Noramies


Diamond 1992, mixed media, 22x15 cm
1992, mixed media, 22x15 cm

Irina Noramies

painter, designer, b.1946

My father has been definitely the greatest influence for me in my career as an artist. Also my sister, with whom I've collaborated a lot. That is why I have had courage to choose my own way and see things with my own eyes since when I was young. It has helped to believe in my own experiences even then, when there has not been any support from anywhere.

Chilren are another source of my inspiration, and I never stop to be amazed by them. They have given me joy the most and they have given me inspiration to many of my works.

At school you are able to learn the same things as others, but we all have something that no one else hasn't. Also that should be worth noticing, because it makes a person alive.

Sea moulds stone - life moulds man.

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