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Irina Noramies


Other Works

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Multiple function furniture: Favourable Wind

1987, birchwood.
The design follows the waves of the sea
Image: Pekka Rötkönen

From the womb to the sea of Life.

Favourable Wind has been designed into children's room, to be a furniture that grows together with child. The design follows the waves of the sea and child is seen as an active member of her/his environment. The source of inspiration has been my own children and the experience that originated from their needs.


Nursery Picture

Christening Picture Frame.
1987, wood, 53x40 cm
Image: Pekka Rötkönen

Nursery Picture gives a change to preserve child's life in photos, annually from infant to grown up, and the most important things and events. It contains also a family tree. It works as a frame for child's drawings and is a good gift for christening or birthday present.



Modern versions with respecting the traditions

Haven, coffin
1993, aspen.
Image: Pekka Rötkönen

Coffin "Haven" symbolises the very last journey of a man. The idea of design has arised from encoutering death. Material is aspen wood and the design is ecological.


Into The Light, coffin.
1993, aspen.
Image: Pekka Rötkönen
Arkkutekstiili:Tuula Soikkala.

Coffin "Into The Light" comments radically the nowaday coffins in use.


Christmas Cards

Anita Koponen and Irina Noramies.