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Kai Noramies


Young at play
Young at Play
Mäkelä school 1959, Helsinki
Photo by Jorma Koponen

KAI NORAMIES, Helsinki 1918 - 1976

Sculptor, painter, graphic artist, philosopher and chemist

Kai Noramies (Master of Arts) completed his art studies in The Art Studio of Helsinki University and in Free Art School.

As an artist Kai Noramies was versatile: he was at one time sculptor, painter and graphic artist. He acted as representative of The Association of Finnish Sculptors in Workers’ Educational Association in 1950's and 60's and he was also a member of The National Council for Visual Arts in 1958-61. He was a member in The Finnish Artists' Association and Kuvataideseniorit.

Väestöliitto, The Finnish Population and Family Welfare Federation has given annually a sculpture by Kai Noramies, "A Peek at the Future" (“Find Us” series), as a reward to a person or an organization, who has succesfully worked for the benefit of Finnish children and families.

The basic message of the art of Kai Noramies is delivering the spiritual message. He saw the DNA-code associated with material and marking the continuum of the information conterbalanced by the spiritual code, which is best seen in child. Passing this thought forward trough art was the very deepest meaning of the art of Kai Noramies.
- K.N. 1975 -

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