Kai Noramies

Irina Noramies

Photo by Aija-Leena Lääperi

Rakentumisen elementtejä (The Elements of Being Constructed), 1990, mixed technique, 57×46cm

“Everything is related to everything else as a part of life on Earth.”

I.N. 1983

Irina Noramies (b.1946), a painter, designer, and early educator. Art studies in 1962 in England, secondary school graduate from Kulmakoulu 1966, Helsinki, Finland. Pori drawing school, Pori 1967–1968, Art studies 1977–1979 at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. Early educator for over twenty years at the city of Jyväskylä. My sculptor father mentored me from a little girl, and I adopted some of the painting techniques he pioneered.

Kaikki liittyy kaikkeen (Everything Is Related to Everything), 1983, mixed technique, 58×63cm

Member of the Southeast-Tavastian art association Kuhankosken Kilta from 1972–1976. Joint exhibitions, including: Taidevintti, Pori 1968, Säästöpankki bank’s main office’s gallery, Tampere 1973, Jyväskylä summer event, Jyväskylä 1973, use of my painting as projected backdrops for opera singer Karita Mattila, TV recording, Tampere 1977, Lohja museum, Lohja 1980, University of Jyväskylä’s Musica hall, 1980, Studio-Galleria, Helsinki 1983, The Jyväskylä Artists’ Association’s annual exhibit, Alvar Aalto Museum, Jyväskylä 1984, Koti-Galleria, permanent exhibit, Lohja 1984–1991, Founding member of the Finnish Early Education Foundation, Helsinki 1993, Nordic Women’s Forum, Turku 1994, Emil Cedercreutz Museum, Harjavalta 1996, founding member of resource center Intra; employment or entrepreneurship through inner entrepreneurship, one’s own strengths and dreams, Jyväskylä 1994, Jyväskylä 1996, Artvideo’s Löytäkää meidät (Find Us) performance at a video festival in Huarou, Beijing, at the UN’s fourth World Conference, 1996, Galleria D`Arte Eustachi, Milan 2005, Human Art & Forum / founding member and event organizer of the Dialogue between art and science event, 2016. Tatinis Art Show, Singapore 2019, Tatinis Art Show, Wanha Satama building, Helsinki 2019.

Works in private homes and the collections of numerous companies, such as Huhtamäki, Pohjola bank’s main office, YIT, The Finnish Industrial Union.

Public contract work, Lutheran icon, Kuokkala church, Jyväskylä 1991, Kultajyvälyhty (Golden Seed Lantern), Elävän leivän kirkko church, Jyväskylä 2010.

Luterilainen ikoni (Lutheran icon) 1991, mixed technique, 86×65cm
Photo by Anna Ruotanen

Kultajyvä (Golden Seed) set, I.N & Aija-Leena Lääperi 2010, ceramics, Kuokkala church.
Photo by Pekka Rötkönen


Prosessi (Process), 1970, pastel, 204×81, photo by Anna Ruotanen

Sisäinen tie (The Inner Road), 1975, pastel, 103×123cm

Ulkoinen tie (The Outer Road), 1975, 103×123cm

The process of life in the time-state-space shapes our unique selfhoods through our experiences throughout our lives, and affects our understanding of ourselves, each other, and the world at large. Our inner reality seeks to emerge and become part of people and the world. – I.N. 1970

Sama sisin kaikkialla (Everywhere the Same Core), 1983, mixed technique 54×60cm

Painted sculpture Monadi (Monad), 1983, acrylic, 155×61cm, A. Koponen & I. Noramies

Rauhanlähde (The Well of Peace), 1990, 155x61x45cm, A. Koponen & I. Noramies

Stella Polaris, 1982, acrylic, 62×53cm

Levähdys (Respite), 1981, mixed technique, 53×48cm

The universe challenges us to think, understand and act according to our values. – I.N. 1982

Muisti (Memory), 2007, mixed technique, 50×90cm

Matkalla (On the Road), 1983, mixed technique

Ihme (Miracle), 1983, mixed technique, 47×40cm

Something forgotten is constantly being revealed out of the memory banks of history. I am led to it by intuition and interest. Sometimes when I paint, I feel the presence of mystery. I.N. – 1983

Timantti (Diamond), 1992, mixed technique, 22×15cm

Perheyhteys (Family Connection), 2005, mixed technique, 47×40cm

A family connection with all its rough edges passes the smoothing process from one generation to the next. I.N. – 1992.

Other activities

Tulilinnut (Firebirds), 1982, acrylic, 72×62cm

Performance group Tulilinnut, paintings by Irina Noramies & Anita Koponen, poetry reading by Helena Hannula.
Performances between 1978–1985, including: Museum of Central Finland 1980, Jyväskylä week, city hall’s council chamber 1981, Lohja Museum 1980, primary schools in Jyväskylä, Jyväskylä congregation, Kyky (Talent) TV show, 1980s, Helsinki. Poetry leaflet Etsijäntie (The Seeker’s Road) created based on the performances, 1985 and series of paintings, 1985.

Ideas for and production of art videos

Play Video

Art DVD Löytäkää meidät (Find Us), sculptures by Kai Noramies, filmed by MTV3’s film crew, directed by Varpu Kuusela. Participation in a video festival in UN’s fourth world conference, Huairou, Beijing 1996.

Play Video

Ideas and script for the art DVD The Fervour of Spirit, 2011, sculptures by Aija-Leena Lääperi. Invitational guest at a ceramics festival in Debrece, Hungary, 2012.

Grants, The Nordic Council 1996, the culture fund of Central Finland 2011, Regional Council of Finland 2017.

Dialogue between art and science from the viewpoint of time-state-space

Katso (Look)– Kai Noramies, Jyvälyhty (Golden Lantern) – Irina Noramies & Aija-Leena Lääperi, Kuurametsän kuningas (King of the Frosty Forest) – Aija-Leena Lääperi.

Human Art & Forum, Finland’s 100th anniversary year's event series, 2017

From Independent Finland to an Independent Individual

Art exhibit, Forum mall, Jyväskylä. Exhibit works: sculpture series Löytäkää meidät by Kai Noramies and Hengen palo (Burning Spirit), ceramic artist Aija-Leena Lääperi. Discussion forum, Jyväskylä city hall’s council chamber.

The event featured a discussion on how a person’s lifelong growth process is guided by their inner and outer worlds, as well as their spirituality, from the viewpoint of art and science. Speakers: Irina Noramies, Mirjam Kalland, Arto O. Salonen, Meri Sinikallio and Panu Partanen. Hosted by Inkeri Pasanen. Event production by Suvi Liukkonen.



Design from the Cradle to the Grave

Photo by Pekka Rötkönen

The Myötätyyli (Fair Wind) crib is extended into a furniture set for childrens’ rooms. It made the top 5 in the international Wood of Finland contest in 1996.

Photo by Pekka Rötkönen

Lasten taulu (Childrens’ Tablet), 1987, 53×40cm is shaped like a house, representing how selfhood is built from infancy to adulthood. Every year, a photo of a child is added to it until they are adults. A photo of a newborn is attached to the door. The painting is also a frame for childrens’ drawings and a storage space for their own things. Behind the painting is the family tree.

Illustrations for stories read by teacher and entertainer Pentti Laurio on television, 1978.

Butterfly candies

Coloured jars

Art moments with children, involving various creative activities. Irina Noramies & Anja Suhonen 1993

Know your emotions card set

The Emotion Game, 2004, introduces children to emotions through play.

Pikku Prinsessa & Pikku Prinssi (Little Princess & Little Prince) light fitting

Photos by Anna Ruotanen

Design Irina Noramies & Hannu Kaski 2019, Contrast-Design

The Finnish-made ecological plywood lights inspire children to enter the fascinating world of fairytales, stories and colours, bringing atmosphere and comfort to the child’s room. Even small children can turn on different coloured lights by themselves.


With its simple mechanism, it is easy to change A4-sized drawings into the frames for children’s drawings. The children can do it themselves.

Upbringing and growth environment are like clay to child for shaping themselves. I.N. – 2006

Graphic design

Post cards by Anita Koponen & Irina Noramies, 1990

Post cards, book cover illustrations, ex libris, gift wrappers

Book illustrations, 1982, Äidin armahainen (Mother’s Dearest) by Eila Alahuhta, professor of special education pedagogics

Illustration for childrens’ early education plan 2006, Jyväskylä, various newspaper articles over the years regarding children’s issues.

Three-part play Kutsu (The Calling) together with writer Merja Une Turunen, 1994, fairytale Selviytymistarinoita (Tales of Survival), 2005.

Ecological coffins

Satama (Harbour), 1993, photo by Pekka Rötkönen

Valoon (Into the Light), 1993, photo by Pekka Rötkönen

Top 5 placement at the international Wood of Finland competition in 1996

Uudenlaiset vainajan vaatteet (New Clothes for the Deceased), 1993

Jyvälyhty (Grain Lantern)

Ceramic lantern, Kultajyvä (Golden Lantern), Irina Noramies & Aija-Leena Lääperi, 2008

The product has been ordered by e.g., the City of Jyväskylä for business gifts, the University of Jyväskylä for PR products, Artek stores, Jyväskylä congregation for business gifts, and as a light fitting set for Kuokkala church.

Inside the little seed lies its script. It grows in healthy soil, thrives, and brings well-being as nutrition. People likewise possess unique opportunities of growth upon birth. Good upbringing and growth environment makes one balanced and healthy. Education and capable work make society into a civilized and peaceful one. – I.N. & A-L.L 2007